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Always Prepared


Perfectly sliced onions

❝Prepared is the newest start-up brand on block."

aiming "to give everyday home cooks access to premium quality and professional grade cookware.

❝We spent over a year perfecting the 8" blade Chef's Knife that’s been uniquely engineered for optimum sharpness and durability.

It’s a do-it-all knife that turns prep into play.❞

❝I didn’t think I could be so obsessed with utensils.

Now with Prepared I can’t wait to get cooking.❞


A Better Way To Prepare

To make Prepared accessible to all Australians, we cut overheads and bring our products directly to you. This means you can get all the essential tools you need for better food preparation at transparent prices.



The Perfect Trio

I highly recommend them"they've replaced my daily knives in my knife roll."

Prepared Made for Aussie Kitchens

AICHI AUS-10 Japanese Steel

LOVE my chefs knife "So happy with the Chefs knife I ordered"... "Cut through pumpkin so easily"



Prepared is the kitchenware that brings LOVE to every meal, because we believe the more home-cooked meals we share, the better we all become. That’s why it is our mission to place premium kitchen tools at the heart of every home.

Quality kitchen tools are the difference between enjoying cooking and finding it a chore. With our honest pricing and gorgeous new colors, you will LOVE the way you cook.


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Try Prepared for 30 days and experience easier prep time.

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The Prepared Difference


You will never need any other knives with this set [The Perfect Trio] , highly recommended.

Mary @marys_newhome_inspo

The perfect combo [ The Perfect Trio] to whip up a delicious Christmas dinner in no time

Sam @thewalkerways

The Paring Knife for superior control and accuracy when cutting smaller portions, and the Bread Knife to tackle all your loaves with ease.

Cammy @cammyalana_

Cuts without tearing...

The bread knife cuts and slices without sawing or tearing.

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Super Sharp

Our super sharp kitchen knives will help you get your prep done quick and easy! Order your set now!

Avo toast made with love

The perfect knife to take your avocado toast to a whole new level.


Croissant Approved

6” blade with wave-shaped serration slices through the crustiest baguette or sweet brioche without crushing the delicate interior.

the bread knife

Tackle all your loaves with ease

This trio knife set a Chef’s Knife for everyday cutting, the Paring Knife for superior control and accuracy when cutting smaller portions, and the Bread Knife to tackle all your loaves with ease.


The perfect gift

the perfect gift for a friend who loves to cook.

gift it

Great for that crusty sourdough

I purchased the Bread knife as a gift, and then had to get one for myself. Really like the size- it doesn’t have that long and bendy/flimsy feel that some bread knives do. The wavy blade is great for crusty bread, cuts without squishing even the freshest loaf.


Ge the bread knife

Excellent quality, balance & sharpness

Promises made, promises kept. Peeling a potatoes or slicing a tomato is like "gliding thru butter". You will be pleased.

Get the perfect trio

Highly Recommend

How much of a difference does a good knife make when your working in the kitchen?! I never realised how bad my knives were until I received the perfect trio set to try my goodness they're fantastic!


Sexy & Sharp

Sexy & harp knife absolute dream to work with!



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