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Zoom Chef's Knife
Zoom Chef's Knife
Zoom The chef knife resting on an organic shape plate, and prepared logo showing perfectly. The knife is in the color ,ash.
Zoom The Chef's knife and half of a papaya
Zoom The Chef's knife on a kitchen napkin and wooden board
Zoom Prepared Chef's knife leaning against a wall, shown in the color ash.
Zoom A Chef's knife and its box
Zoom ash colored Chef's Knife
Zoom ash colored Chef's Knife Prepared Detail
Zoom ash colored Chef's Knife
Zoom Blush colored Chef's Knife, in color Rosé
Zoom Blush colored Chef's Knife, in color Rosé
Zoom cream colored Chef's Knife, in color oatmeal
Zoom cream colored Chef's Knife, in color oatmeal
Zoom green and sage colored Chef's Knife, in color sage
Zoom green and sage colored Chef's Knife, in color sage

Chef's Knife

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Meet the knife that can do it all

Get ready to easily slice and dice (your way through) everything from delicate herbs to hearty root vegetables. With the razor-sharp cutting edge and the meticulously perfected hybrid blade shape, you will have the most rewarding food preparation experience. Perfectly balanced with a great handle feel, you’ll love the way you prep.


● Hand wash with warm soapy water

● Dry immediately after washing

● Store in sheath or knife block to protect your blade


● Do not put in the dishwasher

● Avoid soaking or leaving the knife wet (these will dull and damage your blade)

● Avoid using abrasive sponges


Natural variations are a characteristic of our hand-finished ergonomic knife handles.


All sharp knives are prone to corrosion from moisture. (See Care & Use) Our blades are rust-resistant but not rust-proof.


A dry knife is a sharp knife, handle responsibly.


The Perfect Trio is THE PERFECT gift for my husband, who really appreciates excellent quality and perfect balance of his kitchen knives.


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Have More Questions?

Can I put my Prepared products in the dishwasher?

Do not run our knives (or any high quality kitchen knife) through the dishwasher, as this can dull or even damage your knife. Just give them a quick rinse and dry them off after each use.

How often should I sharpen my knife?

Our knives are made of a quality high carbon steel, and should hold its razor sharp edge quite well. So it depends how often you use it and what you’re using it to cut, an easy-to-use sharpener will keep the blade edge well maintained. We recommend getting your knives professionally sharpened once a year.

What kind of steel is used for your knives?

All our knife blades are made with premium AICHI AUS-10 steel imported from Japan. Chosen specifically for its high carbon content, all our blades are nitrogen-treated to a Rockwell hardness of 60 (+/-1), ensuring it will hold a sharper, longer lasting blade edge.

How should I store my knives?

The most important thing to remember is to never store knives unprotected in a draw. This is not only to protect the knife itself, but anyone who reaches into the draw. All of our knives come with a high quality sheath that will act as a guard for the blades, but magnetic strips, knife blocks and knife trays are all ways you can store your Prepared knives, just choose one that works best for you.


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